We celebrate the eccentricity of nature and bend to its will, for better or for worse, always doing our best to value what it gives us. 

We want our wines to reflect the seasons that the vineyards have experienced, each wine showing its own experience, its own personality.

It is all a matter of raw materials: you will never get a good wine out of mediocre grapes and our choices in agriculture have always been guided by the quality of our wines.

The heart of the company is in Malintrada, a countryside oasis in the province of Treviso. This area has been historically voted to viticulture; the estate is in the heart of the valley of the Po’ river and includes some of the most prestigious appellations of origin, including the one of Prosecco DOC di Treviso.

The AQUERCIA concept of agriculture is a concept of home-made agriculture, as tradition dictates, given that the use of chemicals in the vineyard is limited to a minimum. We are aware that diligence in the vineyard is the best help nature can get.

Our respect for the terroir is not limited to the trivial and obvious slogan standardized by mass marketing; it is the complete and overwhelming feeling we experience when working in such a close relationship to the vineyard; our respect for the territory is the expression of the deep understanding between the winemaker and his land.

Vines are sentient, they go through their days and nights worrying about such basic vital choices as for example how and when their  own fruits are to be sweetened enough to attract birds and allow seeds to be deposited; or when the right time for buds to break out in spring has come; or when energy for the next season is to be stored instead.

These are just some of the fundamental decisions that vines make every day. But what are their decision-making criteria? All the information they need comes from the environment around them…Vines measure the angle of the sun, the moon phase, the motion of the planets, the temperature, the humidity of the soil and the chemical signals given out by organisms around them. Vines are incredible plants and we do our best to harmonize the life of the vineyard with the natural environment surrounding it and to bring out its essence and put it in our bottles.

Our everyday life is shaped by the biological cycle of the plant itself.

Our days begin and end with a healthy walk through the vineyards to check on the conditions of our plants.